Inventory Systems

Inventory Pro Online (IPOL)

IPOL is a web browser-based version of our Inventory Pro System. It has the same functionality as Inventory Pro for Windows ™ plus much more! IPOL can be run on a local Intranet (internal use only) or globally on the Internet. It also can be run by itself (stand-alone) or can be integrated with the standard SQL Server ™ Edition of Inventory Pro.

Our system provides your business with an affordable business to business (B2B), e-commerce, and business to commerce (B2C) inventory program. This allows your staff, suppliers, customers, and potential customers to see the data they need in real time-no matter where they are in the world! All they need is an authenticated connection to your network. IPOL will assist you in the management of your business logistics including movement and exchange of products, services, and money.

Inventory Pro Mobile

The Inventory Pro Mobile Demo above is linked into our Inventory Pro Online ( IPOL ) demo system, however, the system is also compatible with our Windows version. Our IP Mobile application is developed to work with web services integrated into the Inventory Pro databases.

Inventory Pro Mobile for smartphones requires a backend server with IIS and SQL Server capabilities to connect with the various types of Inventory Pro for windows databases. If you are running Inventory Pro Online your system is already IP Mobile Compatible. Contact CISS to discuss purchase and installation of IP Mobile Windows Server services for integration with your current Inventory Pro system.