Wireless Networking

CISS has a long history with wireless networking. We were one of the first to install laptops on fork/clamp trucks and roam around a manufacturing facility in 1994.

Our normal wireless products include:

  • Ubiquiti Unifi Pro, Sonicwall
  • CISCO Aironet & Linksys, Motorola-Symbol, Intermec/PSC
  • Zebra, Netgear and Dlink

We can install single access point (AP) units in your office (home) or mutiple AP’s with roaming capability in your warehouse, distribution or manufacturing facility.

If you are interested in building to building wireless we can help facilitate the design and implementation. Using Ubiquiti Point-to-Point links.

We also have a lot of experience with bar code scanning and barcode label printing. From highly reflective preprinted labels that can be read from 40+ feet away to small tamper proof asset tag labels with your logo.

  • RFID tags location labels.

Video Surveillance

  • Axis
  • Eyewitness
  • Protect Alarms
  • Star Security